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Endless Face Mask
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99,7 %
BFE Efficacy

The filters of the Endless Face Mask are a certified product with bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 99.7%. They are classified as hygienic protection and meet all requirements according to the Spanish Association for Standardization UNE0065. They have certification from the prestigious laboratory of biological and chemical analysis Abich.

Double Filter
high efficiency

While most surgical masks they use a white filter of 20 grams, the masks Endless Face Mask uses a double TNT filter of 80gr. Thanks to their double layer filter, they help you Protect yourself from the virus more than other simple filter masks. The U.N.E standard states that
breathability it must be less than 60 Pa / CM2. Our Filters have an index of 20,86 Pa / CM2.

Manufactured in the
European Union.

All fabrics used, including the TNT filter,
They are of high quality and are manufactured in the U.E. The design and production of the masks is 100% Made in Barcelona, Spain.
to the face masks
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