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Head Extreme Nite
HEAD is expanding the EXTREME racquet series in 2020,with two new models added to the dynamic range of spin racquets. All theracquets in the series are powered by HEAD's innovative new Graphene 360+technology.
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Endorsed by Matteo Berrettini, a semi-finalist at the2019 US Open, the EXTREME racquets allow players to generate a devastatingcombination of spin and power. The updated range includes the new EXTREME TOUR,which is designed for advanced tournament players, and the new EXTREME MP LITE,a lighter version of the EXTREME MP that is created for ambitious youngplayers. With seven racquets in the expanded series - PRO, TOUR, MP, MP LITE,S, LITE and PWR - players of various abilities can now take spin to theEXTREME.
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The entire EXTREME range has a dynamic new designidentity and has also been updated with Graphene 360+ technology for enhancedflex and a clean impact feel. For optimal spin and power, the EXTREME rangefeatures unique spin grommets which allow more string movement and a powerfultrampoline effect on impact with the ball.
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The EXTREME PRO is the heavier racquet for the advanced tournament player who wants optimal spin and power, and now featuring the  Graphene 360+ technology.

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The EXTREME TOUR is a new racquet in the EXTREME series, with innovative Graphene 360+ technology. It is designed for advanced tournament players looking for optimal spin and power.

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Now with a new design, and the innovative Graphene 360+ technology, the EXTREME MP will allow you to play with extreme spin and power.

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Now with a bigger headsize for more power, the EXTREME S is light and easy to handle, and offers extreme spin and power.

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The EXTREME LITE is the lightest racquet in the EXTREME series, as well as the easiest to play with, and yet still offers extreme spin and power, making it ideal for intermediate club players.

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The EXTREME PWR is a lightweight racquet for club players who want comfort, as well as extreme spin and power, now upgraded with innovative Graphene 360+ technology.

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Head Extreme Nite 2021

MP Nite

Jetzt mit größerem Schlägerkopf für mehr Power, bietet der EXTREME S leichtes, einfaches Handling sowie extrem viel Spin und Power.

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Tour Nite

Der EXTREME LITE, als leichtestes Racket der EXTREME Serie, lässt sich am einfachsten spielen und bietet dabei extrem viel Spin und Power, ideal für fortgeschrittene Clubspieler.

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Der EXTREME PWR punktet als leichtes Racket für Clubspieler, die auf Komfort und zugleich extrem viel Spin und Power setzen – jetzt mit innovativer Graphene 360+ Technologie.

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