Clash actually delivers.
A highly flexible racket that doesn't compromise stability ?
You 've never felt a racket like this.


to the racket


to the racket

Flexibility and stability? oh yes.

The Clash is twice as flexible as the leading racket - all without compromising
stability for wickedly powerful and precise shots.
Both made possible by Freeflex and Stablesmart technologies

The most flexible racket ever

Clash has the flexibility of wood mixed with the stability of carbon fiber.
Its Stiffness Index (SI) off 11.2 (which measures flexibility) coupled with a
Tortional Stability score of 3.9 is a combination never seen before.

absolute confidence unveiled

Clash lets you swing away knowing you'll have control
over shots that you've never had before.

flexibility & stability? oh, yes.

Clash bends in all-new dimensions so players can swing freely with
more confidence than ever before. Powered by proprietary carbon
mapping for maximum ball pocketing and ultimate control.

The only way to really understand it is to play it.